It's The HARDEST Part Of Owning A Cat.... And NO, It's Not What You Think It Is

By Shiva Kumeow

Cats as pets are not high maintenance at all. They sleep for 16 to 18 hours a day and once they are litterbox-trained, they can take care of their daily business on their own. Cat are also super obsessive about cleanliness, giving themselves spit-shines throughout the day using their saliva and their paws.

Still owning a cat comes with a lot of added responsibilities. You have to frequently scoop the litter box. Also, most cats shed their hair all around the house. So whenever you leave the house, you have to be absolutely sure that there’s no cat hair on your clothes.

But that’s not the hardest part of owning a Cat.

Humorist blogger and author Adam Ellis just told us what the hardest thing about owning a Cat is.

As confessed-to in his best-seller book titled Books of Adam: The Blunder Years

cat sitting on butthole on everything in house adam ellis funny cartoon (gfycat / LimpingOrangeKoi )

It’s coming to terms with the fact that your Cat’s bottom has touched about every surface in your home.

Worse still, we touch many of the same surfaces that the Cat’s bottom has rested on, including burying our face on the pillow case, running our hands on the mouse-pad that kitty just sat on, after he’s just visited the litter-box.

You get the idea.

Uggh! I wish I hadn’t seen this on the Internets, but now that I have, I really can “Un-see” it. Neither can you. LOL.