This Black Ninja Cat scales Vertical Walls in under 10 Seconds Flat. Don't believe me? Watch!

By Shiva Kumeow

Actor, stuntman and martial artist Jackie Chan is known to perform acrobatic fights, innovative stunts and seemingly impossible feats such as climbing vertical walls!

However even a #superhuman like Jackie Chan needs assists by way of holes in the wall and wooden props that he can hold on to.

Not to mention the number of takes and re-takes of the stunt that we don’t see in the movie. Still it’s a commendable feat for a human and for that, hats off to Jackie Chan. We love you!

( credit: gfycat / @thebigsexy1 )

At #pawpurrazi, we are always seeking and stalking cats that do amazing things on the internets.

We found this Black Cat on Youtube that don’t need no props. This bad boy climbs vertical walls with his bare paws!

Not only that, look how fast he climbs this wall. I timed it.

Under 10 seconds! Watch it.

( video credit: youtube / rierie81139 ) ( ninja graphics credit: NinjaKitty Poster by TentacleKitty on DeviantArt )