Use This Simple Trick To Keep Ants Out Of Your Cat's Pet Food Dish

By Shiva Kumeow

If you have outdoor cats that you feed daily, you may find that ants are in their food dish eating the food and biting your cats.

This is especially true in the summer when the temperature is hot and the ants breed a lot. Not only is this annoying to your cats, but it could also cause serious harm to your cats if the ants bite them in large numbers.

Here’s a simple trick you can use to keep the ants out of the cat food dish.

Get a regular chalk from your local hardware store or online – I use this brand which works very well.

Carefully draw a 3-inch circle around the cat food dish / pet food dish. If the dish is not circular, then draw the line around the dish in whatever shape it is. You get the idea.

Watch this video for detailed instruction. Very near trick!

youtube / Felix Borin

So why does drawing Chalk line keep ants away?

There are several reasons for why this works.

  1. Ants don’t like the smell of the chalk powder.
  2. Their feet gets stuck in the chalk if they step on it and they hate it.
  3. If the ant’s body comes in contact with chalk powder, the lime in chalk eats away at their exo-skeleton and they literally die a slow painful death.