Rare Dwarf Leopard Cat Attacks Adventurer In The Jungle, Then They Become BFFs. Adorable!

By Shiva Kumeow

Ocelots – also known as dwarf leopards – are wild cats found living in the Jungles of Central America and South America including Costa Rica, and in some parts of Mexico.

One night, adventurer and film-maker Coyote Peterson was roaming around in the rainforests of Costa Rica with his crew member when suddenly a baby ocelot darted past him, then came back, jumped on him and smacked him in the face with it’s sharp claw-ed paw.

Ocelot attack brave wilderness youtube video youtube / Brave Wilderness

Peterson didn’t panic tho, as he quickly realized that the dwarf leopard was simply playing with him and trying to get acquainted.

The Ocelot also licked Peterson’s ear – and this is something cats do only to people they really love and feel close too. Watch the entire encounter here. It goes from scary, to cute, to wondering…

“What next? The Baby Ocelot’s Mom shows up?”

youtube / Brave Wilderness