This Tree Climber Was Called in For a Special Mission. Did He Succeed?

By Shiva Kumeow

Spaz, a beautiful snow-white cat with a dash of orange was chasing a squirrel up a tall redwood tree when he got stuck really high up, and was unable to make his way down to the ground.

His Cat-mom had no idea this happened, and was looking for Spaz for 3 weeks everywhere.

Finally when they spotted spaz 100 feet above the ground stuck in the tree-top, Spaz’s cat mom called Canopy Cat Rescue, a group of tree-climbers who specialize in rescuing cats stuck in tree tops.

Spaz hadn’t eaten for over 21 days and was hungry and frightened and very fragile.

Watch this dramatic night-time rescue that has a happy ending.

youtube / Animal Planet

Spaz made a full recovery from his traumatic stay on the tree top. Thank you Shaun from Canopy Cat Rescue! You are a Hero!!