7 Cats That Are Better Spies Than James Bond 007 [PICS]

By Shiva Kumeow

From the beginning of the history of civilizations, we have always been fascinated by Spy stories. A good spy is one who NEVER gets outed, does his job in total stealth mode without anyone around him knowing who he is or what he is up to. Finally, if he lives through his missions, the spy gets lots of women.

Humans aren’t the only ones good at this age old craft tho.

Here are 7 cats who exhibit a variety of sneaky, stealth moves that would teach James Bond 007 a thing or two about how the Spy Game is played.

In the process, we also learn how Cats play the Spy Game. Enjoy!

1. “Every Spy Cat starts by using a clever cover.”

Every ninja needs a ninja mask. BoredPanda

2. “Furniture bottoms are a good place to hide, cos Humans too lazy too squat down and look here for bugs and spies.”

"Soon..." BoredPanda

3. “…So are Pool Table holes. When that 8-balls comes, don’t forget to duck and cover and let is slide past you.”

The perfect vantage point to spy on the humans. BoredPanda

4. “For bigger jobs, you need a whole crew… like this.”

Some missions require a whole squad of ninjas. BoredPanda

5. “Pro Tip: Plastic bags help you Spy on the move. No-one pays attention if a plastic bag is moving on the floor.”

"Now we play the waiting game." BoredPanda

6. “Hiding behind the Coffee machine guarantees you can listen in on conversations… because everybody is ADDICTED to coffee”

SOON BoredPanda

7. Always be prepared for the un-expected. “Oops, my cover just got busted! Mission Failed :(”

"Human! Can't you see I'm doing important surveillance work?" BoredPanda

(h/t BoredPanda)