Here's How Masha, The Russian Cat, Saved A Baby From Freezing To Death

By Shiva Kumeow

Rather than take him to an orphanage, a mother who recently gave birth to a baby boy decided to abandon the baby instead. She placed the 3-month-old baby in a cardboard box and left him in the cold freezing winter streets of Moscow in Russia.

The baby had little chance of surviving, and was quickly freezing to death.

The 3-month-old who was left in the freezing cold. Europics

That’s when Masha, a long-haired tabby cat roaming the streets of Moscow found the baby. Masha knew what needed to be done. She hopped into the baby’s box and warmed him up with her body heat

The average cat’s body temperature is about 2 degrees more – and hence warmer – than that of a human’s.

Masha, the hero cat. While this phenomenal feline has no owner, she is considered a fixture of the community. Europics

Soon passers-by found Masha warming the baby in the box, and took both the baby and the kitty to a nearby hospital.

The baby has fully recovered and is living in an Orphanage. He owes his life to Masha.

The baby is doing well now. Masha must have gotten there just in time. Europics

Here’s what a true, brave hero looks like.

The eyes of a hero. What a brave cat! Europics

As for Masha, last we heard, she was still roaming the streets of Moscow, keeping up her good work for the community.

(via NY Post & Europics)