What This Farm Cat Does For His Best Friend, A Blind Dog, Is Truly An Eye-Opener

By Shiva Kumeow

Trevel, a partially deaf and completely blind farm dog was mostly confined to the barn due to his disabilities. He longed for the days when he could go out and about in the nature surrounding his farm

Along came Pudditat, a stray cat that the farmer’s family rescued and let in.

That’s when Trevel’s life changed for ever. The cat took an instant liking to the blind and deaf dog. They became BFFs very quickly. One fine morning, Pudditat, the rescue cat surprised everyone when she was seen leading Trevel into the bright beautiful outdoors, essentially acting as a seeing eye cat for the blind and partially deaf dog.

Watch the full video, it’s so heart-warming!.

youtube / NatGeoWild

This proves beyond doubt that dogs and cats ARE NOT enemies like the media makes them out to be.