Kitten and Baby Girl Bond Together After Surviving a Common Loss

By Shiva Kumeow

When Scarlette Tipton – a 2 year-old baby girl living in California – contracted a rare form of cancer just few months after her birth, doctors had to make a very difficult choice to save her life. They amputated her left arm completely because the cancer was fast spreading up her left arm to the rest of her body.

Meanwhile, in another part of the State, Doc, a rescue cat now residing in a shelter, also lost 1 of her 4 legs to amputation. Doc was sleeping on the hood of a car to stay warm in the cold weather and in the process one of her limbs got severely burnt. Doctors were left with no option but to amputate the paw to save Doc’s life.

When Scarlette’s parents saw the story of Doc on the local news, they decided to something incredible for Scarlette. The Tipton family drove to the shelter and adopted the 3 legged cat.

Scarlette and Doc meet each other for the very first time!

3 legged cat amputee girl scarlette boredpanda

You can see the brilliant smile on Scarlette’s face, at the moment she has met another creature who shares the same tragedy she went through as a baby.

Watch more of this amazing story here. I’m crying buckets.

youtube / EgyTV