These Creative Firefighters Used a Gardner's Leaf Blower For a Very Special Reason

By Shiva Kumeow

New born kittens are really vulnerable, especially if they are not in their mama cat’s care. This tiny kitten fell and got trapped inside of a very small pipe at the Fire Station. Scared and lonely, he started meowing and caught the attention of the Firefighters in the Fire Station.

Firefighters were wondering how to rescue it, since the pipe was embedded into the wall and could not be cut.

They came up with a very creative solution using a leaf blower activated from the other side of the fire house building.

The kitten gets blown out of the pipe with a lot of force, but he is doing just fine and was adopted by 1 of the Fire Fighters involved in this rescue.

Watch full video of this dramatic rescue here.

youtube / Brandon Davis

I am still amazed how the kitten landed on his feet despite the force of the leaf blower blowing him out of the pipe. Wow!