Cat Sees 9 of Himself, Starts Tripping Like Lil Wayne. I'm still laughing.

By Shiva Kumeow

As a child I remember being mesmerized by Kaleidoscopes. Kaleidoscopes – for those that haven’t seen one – are a cylindrical arrangement of (small ) mirrors with colored glass inside. When you look into one end, light entering from the other end creates beautiful colorful patterns that comes about from the repeated reflection of these colored glass pieces inside the mirrors.

This Guy made A Kaleidoscope using Cat-sized Mirrors and then dropped the Unsuspecting Kitty in front of it.

What happens next is so hilarious, I am still laughing.

youtube / Kyoot Animals

The cat dad’s evil laugh in the video tho, still giving me chills.

He reminds me of this one bully that we’ve all had in our high school days, who sets up something evil and then lays in wait. When you fall for his trap he laughs at you like this guy is laughing at the poor kitty.

That said, here’s something what makes this video even more entertaining.

A Youtube Doubler mashup feat. this Kaleidoscope Kitty on an Iron Butterfly Soundtrack.

youtube kaleidoscope kitten cat with iron butterfly gadda vida