This Video Of A Gorilla Crying Human Tears Over Loss Of A Kitten Will Break Your Heart

By Shiva Kumeow

Koko the gorilla is a 44 year old female gorilla born on Independence Day (July 4th 1971) at the San Francisco Zoo. Koko was originally “loaned” to her caregiver mom Ms Francine Patterson for her doctoral research, but has stayed with Ms Patterson ever since in Woodside, California.

In 1984, Gorilla Foundation Research Scientists said that Koko Wanted a Real Kitten For Christmas.

When they tried to trick her with a toy, it didn’t fly. So for Koko birthday the following year, Koko’s caregiver mom Ms Patterson got Koko a gray male Manx from an abandoned litter of kittens and named him “All Ball”.

Koko loved “All Ball” like her own child, playing with him all the time.

Then tragedy struck that Christmas when All Ball escaped from Koko’s cage and was hit and killed by a car. When Koko came to know of this, she was devastated.

Watch how she reacts to the loss of her beloved kitten. Koko weeps like a real human :(

youtube / Thori Mclean