This Black Cat Leaping So High, I am Convinced He's Going For Michael Jordan's Record

By Shiva Kumeow

It is said that Michael Jordan, one of the greatest Basketball players to walk this earth, has demonstrated vertical leaps as high as 46 inches. When Jordan was still attending college at the University of North Carolina, they measured Michael Jordan’s vertical jump using a variety of accurate techniques and various gadgets. The results ?

Jordan’s running vertical leap was a whooping 45.76 inches.

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Not to be outdone, this black cat appeared on imgur today, making consecutive vertical leaps chasing after a bouncing ping pong ball.

His speed and agility is stunning, so also the manner in which he gradually reduces his vertical leap distances to coincide with bouncing ping pong ball as each subsequent bounce is shorter and shorter.

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Watch! It’s both entertaining, and AMAZING! Black Cats are hands-down awesome pawsome!!!