Cat Lady vs Crazy Cat Lady. Can you tell the difference?

By Shiva Kumeow

There comes a point in her life when every woman with cats wonders if she is being perceived by society as just a normal lady who has cats, or as a “crazy cat lady”.

The difference between a cat lady (a lady with a few cats) vs a “crazy cat lady” ( a lady with a lot of cats, whose life revolves around her cats) is subtle, but it exists.

Artist Yasmic Surovec has aptly captured this difference in her illustration title “Cat Lady vs Crazy Cat Lady”

cat vs human book amazon yasmic surovec flickr / aprintaday

It’s funny, but true, right? This cartoon is also available as part of a 100 page cat book titled “Cat vs Human”.

Regardless of whether you are a Cat Lady or a Crazy Cat Lady, you owe it to your cats, to get this book… right meow!!