Why does Catnip Drive Cats Crazy? We asked An Expert Chemist and Here's What He Said.

By Shiva Kumeow

Catnip is made from plants belonging to the mint family. They contain volatile oils, sterols, acids and tannins.

Something in these catnip plants makes cats react like how humans react to psychotic drugs like LSD, magic mushrooms

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If you are wondering why cats go crazy when introduced to catnip, you are not alone. This question is at the foremost in every cat owner’s mind, so we asked an expert Chemist from the American Chemical Society who wanted to be anonymous, so let’s just call him Dr Timeowthy Leary.

Dr Timeowthy Leary laughed at us saying that he already dropped an in-depth video on this topic on youtube eons ago.

We felt so silly, but here’s that video. Enjoy!

.. and don’t forget that catnip for your kitty!!

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