Is Japanese Cat Osamu The Inspiration Behind The Lion Emoji Design?

By Shiva Kumeow

When Apple released it’s latest OS for iPhones, the Company also rolled out an updated set of emojis. iOS 8 introduced a new majestic-looking lion emoji that’s been all the rave. I love it and use it everywhere.

Today on the Internets, I discovered a Cat who looks strikingly similar to the Lion Emoji.

His name is Osamu and he lives up in the Snow mountains in Japan with his Dad.

Osamu’s resemblence to the ios lion emoji is striking. His mane looks very similar to the lion emoji. So also the spots around his whiskers. And those eyes, aren’t are identical?!!! who designed lion emoji ios

Here’s a rare video of Osamu going out for a walk in the snow. You can judge for yourself.

credit: youtube / 10 Cats.

I dispatched a team of #pawpurrazi investigators to find out more about Osamu. Here’s what is being reported.

Osamu lives in Japan with 9 other siblings. He has a youtube channel at 10 Cats. and also an Instagram page @10cats_.

Osamu also blogs at

I found this really cute family photo of Osamu and his 9 siblings having their tradition Japanese dinner. Enjoy! lion emoji design idea original credit:

Osamu doesn’t have an online store yet. So meanwhile you can follow him and all 10 cats on the internets as linked-to above.

Once again, here are some pics of Osame, the Lion Emoji Cat.

who designed lion emoji ios @10cats_

Baby Osamu grooming to become the Lion Emoji

lion emoji free download @10cats_

Grown-up Osamu climbing a tree.

ios8 lion emoji design concepts @10cats_