They Call Him The Most Zen Cat Ever! Here's Why.

By Shiva Kumeow

Shironeko is his name and in Japanese, it literally translates to “white cat”. Being white is not what he is famous for tho. They call him the most zen cat ever, for the way Shironeko carries himself both online and offline (in the real world).

Zen Cat is at peace with everything around him

… as well as everything ON him!

By everything I do mean everything

…like Leaves…

…and Oranges…

…and Sushi Chef Hats…

…and Grapes…

…and even rubber duckies!

Zen Cat Shironeko is also a HUGE Star On Youtube.

youtube / かご猫 Blog

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You can watch more videos of Shironeko on his youtube channel here

Shironeko and his siblings just like to chill and hang out and relax, so if you want free cat stress therapy, then watch one of their videos and slip into a calm zen state of mind.

Please share this with your friends who are stress bombs waiting to explode. They will thank you for it.