Cat Terrorizes A Baby Duck Riding iRobot Roomba In A Shark Costume

By Shiva Kumeow

Cat and kitten are known for their love of iRobot Roomba, the vacuum cleaning robot. So it’s not surprising to see this Cat dressed like a Shark riding around on his iRobot Roomba. What is shocking though, is that this cat in question is really looking to scare the other animals in this house, by using the Roomba like his Chariot and wearing an especially scary shark costume that looks very real (from the other animals’ perspective at-least.)

Watch how this Cat Shark chases a terrified baby duck around the house on his iRobot Roomba

youtube / Batteries4Holden

I have my money on the ducking because he is small, light and fast! But who did you think came out the winner in this battle?