Man Rescues Kitten That Looks Like A Baby Panda. They Save Her And Name Her Panda. Here's Her Story

By Shiva Kumeow

A man was on his morning run in San Diego when he heard crying sounds from under the side-walk. Upon further inspection, he was shocked to see what looked like a miniature Panda! The man pulled the creature out and took it to the nearest Animal Vet Hospital which was also a Cat Shelter called Helen Woodward Animal Center. Turns out the creature was a just born baby girl kitten that was abandoned by the road.

The kitten was aptly named Panda and he fully recovered from her life-threatening predicament. Watch how it went down in this video.

youtube / Helen Woodward Animal Center

Panda now lives happily with a family in San Diego that adopted her from the Helen Woodward Animal Center.