Fidel Catstro? Kitty Counterpart Of Brutal Cuban Dictator Appears On The Internets.

By Shiva Kumeow

Communist Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro’s most iconic photos feature him wearing a green communist cap and his signature beard, smoking a Cuban Cigar.

While researching a story on Cuba, I made a typo in google and entered fidel catstro, and look what came up!

Fidel Catstro, the ComMeownist Cat.

fidel catstro dictator cat portrait

I would say the resemblance to the Cuban dictator is striking, complete with the hat, beard and the Cuban Cigar.

Fidel Castro and Fidel Catstro side by side.

But that’s about where the similarities stop. I don’t think anyone will fear this Kitty because he is just too damn cute and friendly.

Kittens make you laugh while Dictators make you cry.

I did find another imposter, who goes by the name of Fidel Catro.

imgur / Svickovasknedlikem

He’s even on T-Shirts