3 Creative Ways To Make Mess-Free Litter Scoops From Milk Jugs

By Shiva Kumeow

Why spends 10s and 100s of dollars on fancy litter scoops that don’t even work well half the time, when you can make your own functional litter scoop for under 10$ using a milk jug, hole puncher and a pair of scissors ?

Here’s how.

Step 1: Get an empty 2 gallon plastic milk jug, and use a pair of scissors to cut off the bottom.


Step 2: Use a hole punch to make a few holes at the edge of the scoop so the litter can separate from the poop on it’s way down the scoop.


Step #Action!! That’s it. Now scoop away!

Pro-Tip: Attach a plastic receptacle bag to the mouth of the milk jug scoop. When you scoop, tilt it upwards and the poop will slide through the mouth right into the bag!


If the 2 gallon milk jug is too big for you, you can also use the 12 gallon milk jug.

Purina in Australia shows us how to make your own cat litter scoop with smaller 12 gallon milk jug.

youtube / Purina Australia

Last but not least, The Russians are having a go at this too.

Here’s yet another way to make your own DIY litter scoop – a much smaller scoop without the hole in the back.

youtube / RussianDaycare