Watch This #EPIC Takedown of the Mailman by A Cat frustrated with Junk Mail

By Shiva Kumeow

We are nearly 3 decades into the paperless internets era, and yet we continue to receive paper Junk Mail every single day. Fed up with this situation, this beautiful, yet ferocious black and white cat decided to do something good for his mom.

He lay in wait for the Mailman to arrive on his usual delivery time. You can hear the Mailman’s evil laugh as he approaches the mailslot, mocking the Cat like “Kitty Cat, Ready for Battle?”.

Little does he realize Kitty cat is more than ready.

You know Sh*t just got real when the gloves come off! Because “Kitty Cat” just ripped them off the Mailman’s Hands!

credit: youtube / Carl Junior

Seriously tho, if you want to avoid this kind of daily confrontation between your cat and your mailman, there’s only 1 thing you can do.

Get this beautiful patriotic mailbox. Your mailman will thank you for it.

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