Arnold Meowzenegger? Cat Trains for 6-Pack #SummerTime Bod, Does 50+ Situps To Failure.

By Shiva Kumeow

Summer is almost here, and one Cat is working hard to make sure he is ready for it.

In what looks like a page straight out of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best-seller Pumping Iron, this Cat – shall we call him Arnold Meowzenegger – is pumping out situps like a Boss.

I counted Arnold Meowzenegger cross 50 situps then I stopped counting. Shortly after that, he reached total failure and stopped.

His determination to get his 6-pack abs is total. 100% commitment to the goal. Arnold Schwarzenegger would be really proud.


If you felt as inspired as I did watching this Cat, you should get the 25th Anniversary Edition of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Pumping Iron