What This Film-maker Does With His Cat And A Greenscreen Will Amaze You

By Shiva Kumeow

Film-maker Jesús Segura had just hit a year of unemployment and in desperate need of a gig when a stranger arrived at his door un-announced and changed his life forever.

A stray munchkin kitten showed up at his front door and Segura promptly adopted the little Kitty, and named him Napoleon

Segura noticed that Napoleon exhibited a wide variety of funny, intriguing and sometime complex expression, so there was only one thing on the photographer and film-makers mind.

He set up a mini-studio complete with camera, greenscreen, lights and start shooting stills and videos of Napoleon

Segura set up a mini-studio and started snapping. Indiegogo

Napoleon - The Many-faced Cat

Napoleon can take on any emotion. Indiegogo

Napoleon The Cat - Paying tribute to Alfred Hitchcock’s Movie Psycho.

Paying tribute to Alfred Hitchcock Movie Psycho Indiegogo

Napoleon The Cat Enjoying A Drink In a Trendy Bar

Segura then edits him in quirky settings, like this bar. Indiegogo

Napoleon The Cat Trolling The Universe

 Napoleon The Cat Trolling The Universe Indiegogo

Napoleon The Cat became so popular on the Internets that Segura initiated, and successfully funded an Indiegogo project to share his incredibly cute cat as a calendar.

Here’s Segura discussing his filming and photoshoot sessions with Napoleon

youtube / Napoleon the Cat