Who Needs An Alarm Clock When You Have A Cat Doing This To You Every Morning At 5 AM?

By Shiva Kumeow

While some people don’t own an alarm clock and “naturally wake up” to their “biological clock”, most of us don’t have that luxury or flexibility because we are all “working for the man” and need to wake up at a certain time so we can be at the office at a certain time.

So we all have alarm clocks.

Cat-dad Weslley Cavalcante too has an alarm clock, except that it isn’t a clock.

It’s his cat named Boo.

Every morning, at 5 AM without fail, Boo wakes up his dad Weslley. And not for food.

Watch how he does it.

youtube / Garrulous Crap

Hilarious, unless you are the cat-dad in which case it’s #SuperAnnoying LOL.

UPDATE: Boo says that his Cat-dad never gets annoyed with him and that they both #Cool

Facebook / Boo the Cat Alarm Clock