A Cruel Birth Defect Left Him With Only 2 Legs, But This Kitten Hasn't Let That Stop Him!

By Shiva Kumeow

When Anakin, the Kitten was born without a pelvis or the 2 hind (back) legs, everyone from the rescuers to the Vet had given up on him and even thought of euthanizing him.

Miraculously, he survived the first few weeks and was adopted by a loving caring mom who takes great care of him.

Anakin, the 2-legged Kitten learning to function without back legs

youtube / Anakin The Two Legged Kitten

Anakin quickly adapted to not having the 2 back legs, and learned to do his day to day activities like playing, moving around, using the litter box, napping and even climbing cat condos very quickly. He is now all grown up and living very happily! Check him out!

Anakin, the 2-legged Kitten is now Anakin the 2-legged Cat, All grown up and living large!

youtube / Anakin The Two Legged Cat